About Us

Livra is the leading marble specialist in London. In tune with the discerning tastes of the world’s most elite audiences, we make masterpieces in stone – whether it’s a floor, work surface or walls – for residential and retail clients, from Bond Street to the British Museum.

Our aim is to create finished pieces that will be a source of inspiration and wonder for centuries to come. For every commission, we are never less than exacting in our quest to discover the very best piece of natural stone. We work closely with the world’s finest quarries to understand the intrinsic qualities of local rock strata, and ensure that we are first to see the most exquisite pieces each site has to offer and our team is prepared to spend months finding a piece of marble, onyx or semi-precious material that is exceptional.

Stone has a hidden beauty. It takes craftsmanship and dedication to reveal its inner light, warmth and rhythms. We don’t rest until that has been achieved.
Louis Livramento

The Team

Livra was founded in 1990 by Louis Livramento, a craftsman and creator who trained as a stonemason’s apprentice and has devoted his professional life to understanding and bringing this exquisite material to life.

Each Livra stone is personally approved by Louis Livramento before it is handed over to our team of craftspeople who are skilled at drawing out its light, colour and warmth in the cutting and finishing, investing the time and passion demanded to allow every piece to develop and mature to its full potential.