Livra offers a fully integrated service, from concept through to installation. At each stage, our experts and craftsmen are on hand to help you enhance your project through the luxury of natural stone.


Your vision is our starting point. We have years of experience in creating all kinds of pieces, from kitchen worktops and bathroom units, to ornate curved floors and furniture. Our experts will help you develop your design ideas, interpreting your vision and ensuring that concept and material work together in flawless accord.


Deciding on and finding the ideal piece of stone takes skill. Livra has the knowledge, experience and resources to guide you in your choices – and to identify quarries that offer the exact qualities of colour, pattern and grain you are looking for. We also stock a wide range of stones for you to choose from. We recommend viewing each selected piece before manufacturing begins, as nature’s colours and patterns vary so much.


To enable you to visualise concepts accurately, our skilled CAD technicians can create detailed coloured visuals and technical drawings using sophisticated design programs. Their highly developed technical expertise also gives us the capability to produce very complex projects, including 3D sculptural designs.


We measure and digitise entire environments before work begins, using the latest laser scanning technology. This method saves time and enables us to plan and prepare each finished piece with precision. We are also able to manufacture from supplied templates, but it is vital to ensure that they are very accurate.



Our highly skilled craftspeople manufacture and finish all stone projects in our Wimbledon factory, cutting each stone precisely to fit using the latest technology, and uncovering its natural beauty with knowledge, experience and a connoisseur’s eye for the sublime.


To ensure lasting beauty and integrity, we use only the most experienced craftspeople to install our pieces. Where items are suitable to be installed by the client’s contractors, we will advise on any specialist skills required, and ask you to guarantee that joinery and other preparation works are structurally stable and complete before installation, so that the stone does not move later.